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Amidst heightening in heavy ion therapy, the inaugural International Symposium on Ion Therapy was held in November 2014 in Dallas, Texas in the United States, which is a world leader in proton therapy. The event was hosted jointly by The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Cancer and Japan’s National Institute of Radiological Sciences with the objective of further accelerating the advancement of ion therapy technology. The symposium has subsequently been held on an annual basis in locations such the United States and Italy, helping people significant advancements in the field.

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In 2018, the Symposium’s fifth year, the event will be held in Japan, which as a frontrunner in the field has thus far drive global research by developing outstanding technologies and accumulating therapeutic results, The Symposium will gather the world’s leading medical professionals, researchers, technologists, and corporate representatives from across industry, government, and academia in order to share and exchange information on the latest advances in clinical research, therapeutic result, development of new equipment and devices, irradiation technology, and basic science related to ion treatment of cancer(including heavy ion treatment, proton treatment, and BNCT).

We are certain that the Symposium will serve as the platform for a range of economic benefits in addition to boosting the profile of the host region and organizations involved.

With your support and cooperation, we look forward to holding another successful this year.

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