Scientific Program

1. Oral presentation

1.  Emerging physical aspects

2.  Emerging biological aspects

3.  CIRT current status

4.  Special: Advanced Technology

5.  Pediatric cancer treatment

6.  Pancreatic cancer treatment

7.  Clinical experiences

8.  PTCOG/Asia

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2. Poster presentation

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Last update: 2018/10/24


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Site Tour


November 12 (Mon.)


SAGA Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator Tosu (SAGA HIMAT)

The number of participants to be admitted

80 participants

* Please note that the number of participants is limited and registration is accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, since SAGA HIMAT is the day on doing treatment and medical examination.

Time schedule

The tour will be divided into two groups. For the grouping, please leave it to the secretariat.


Group 1: 9:00am

Group 2: 10:00am

Departing from symposium venue (Hotel New Otani Saga)

1 hour by bus

Facility tour (1 hour)

Group 1: 10:00am

Group 2: 11:00am

Arriving at SAGA HIMAT

Group 1: 11:00am

Group 2: 12:00pm

Dismiss at SAGA HIMAT

* SAGA HIMAT is located in 5 minutes to “Shin-Tosu” station.

< Access from “Shin-Tosu” station to >

Saga Airport: Around 55 minutes by car

Fukuoka Airport: Around 35 minutes by car

Hakata Sta.(Fukuoka): Around 13 minutes by Shinkansen or 25 minutes by limited express train


Instructions for Presentations

Instructions for Invited Speakers (Oral Presentations)
Time Allocation for Invited Speaker (Oral Presentations)

Presentation time varies for each invited speaker. Please check your presentation schedule in the scientific program.

The last 5 minutes of your presentation time will be used for question and answer.

Session chair will show you the paper of a timer signal 3 minutes before the scheduled end time of your talk. After your talk ends, 5 minutes Q&A will start. Please cooperate to finish your lecture as scheduled on time along with this cue.

Audio Visual Equipment

All speakers are requested to use a laptop prepared by the organizer for presentation. Please bring your presentation data only by USB.

PowerPoint or PDF will be the only method of presentation available at the ISIT 2018. Please provide slides with sufficient font size and contrast to ensure your text can be seen clearly from the back of a session room.

Session rooms only support digital presentations using only one LCD projector.

OS and Applications for Preparing Presentation Data


Windows 7 (English Ver.)


PowerPoint (Version: 2007/2010/2013/2016) or PDF


Windows Media Player (Animation is acceptable but sound function will not be available.)


Windows standard fonts (Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Century, Century Gothic, Courier New, and Georgia.)

Please note that using any other font may cause letters to become unreadable.

Before Presentation

Invited oral speakers are requested to drop in at the speaker’s desk once before their presentation time to check whether the presentation slide works properly. The speaker’s desk is located at the face of the registration desk on a mezzanine level, Hotel New Otani Saga.

Staff at the desk keeps the slide file and puts the data in the laptop in the session room. If you want to replace the slide just before your talk, please drop the data directly to laptop and start the presentation.

Please be in the session room at least 10 minutes prior to your session so that you can make a short preparation with your session chair.

We will prepare a microphone and a laser pointer on the podium in the session room.

On Presentation

You can control the slide with a provided laptop on the podium. Laptops of both Windows and MAC will be prepared.

Collection and Publication of Oral Presentation Files

According to the ISIT practice, ISIT2018 will keep oral presentation slides and post them on the website only when the speakers’ consent is obtained. Slides will be uploaded to the website in PDF format.

Please let us know your intent whether it is acceptable or not by a separately attached form.

If you have any questions about this matter, please contact the secretariat.

Instructions for Poster Presentations
Poster Display and Removal
Poster Viewing

There is no poster presentation core time at ISIT2018. Please talk with participants at your convenience in the poster room “Tsuru (West)” on a mezzanine level.

The size of one poster board is 90cm wide x 210cm high. A label of your poster number (20cm wide x 15cm high) will be put on the board in advance by the secretariat.

Presenters should use pushpins to put up posters. Pushpins will be prepared by the secretariat and provided in the poster room.

Equipment or electricity for use of projector or computer animation accompanying a poster presentation will not be provided.

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